Sausage Cheese Biscuits

3 01 2010

Thought I’d share one of my mos fav recipes. It started off as mainly a Holiday recipe we’d fix to snack on in the mornings… before we’d really get down to the business of feasting! hahahahahaaaaaa! (What if we’re the only family in the world that eats/snacks all day until the big, official meal is served… and then snacks some more. How funny would that be???) Anyway, it’s really simple, easy, quick, etc. Most of all, I just hope y’all try it and like it. Peace!


1 pound sausage (we like it hot, but use what you like. DUH.)
1 and 1/3 cups Pioneer Baking Mix (waaaay better than Bisquick!)
1 pound cheddar cheese (we’ve used mozarella with yummy success)

Now wash yo’ hands! :0) Mix above ingredients with your hands, kinda like kneading bread. Mix it good, mix it real good. (okay, I’ve got the giggles today. Forgiven?) Actually, I love that part, the mixing part, cuz it’s almost as good as squishin’ mud thru your toes and fingers.

All ya do now is squeeze the mixture (that you just mixed REAL GOOD!) into little balls. There’s some kind of therapy in that part. At least for me. :0)))))) Place them on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 or 20 minutes. As with anything, see how you like ’em… we like ours crispy on the bottom, kinda crunchy on the outside and well done on the inside. But you may like your pork raw… yuuuuuucky-pooooooooooo. Just made myself sick.

Ain’t cookin’ fun???????????????

Love you guys. If ya try this one, let me know how ya like it! Peace y’all!


A Blessed and Happy 2010 to YOU!

1 01 2010

Less than thirty minutes to go before we’ll be “ringin’ in the New Year here. People in the neighborhood have been scarin’ the heck out of Princess (my miniature pincer, good ol’ gal) and Eisley (my witchy green-eyed black cat, Tupac’s daughter). I love fireworks at an organized show with the fire department setting them off, but not in the ‘hood!

My daughter went out to meet a couple of friends and said she wouldn’t be late, she was pretty tired. Told her to have a good time, but to be especially safe. She hadn’t been gone 10 minutes when she called to tell me she had already had to go thru a road block. ‘Course she did fine… but even when everything is copacetic, doesn’t it just unnerve you sometimes? When I was growing up we were taught to trust in police, firemen, preachers, etc… but I learned the hard way, not all those fine people should be trusted! heh heh.

Digression. Sorry. What a way to start your New Year’s! :0))))

Truly wanted to give you a blessing……… This might post late.

(continued New Year’s Day…)

My daughter called right after I started this last night and was already on her way home to spend New Year’s Eve with me. I couldn’t believe it. She was only gone an hour and a half! Needless to say I got off the puter and poured me a glass of Blue Nun (yummy) and we hugged the New Year in together. (after we had called our family and wished them a happy you-know-what). Stayed up a bit and then hit the sack!
Nice surprise for me, cuz I luuuuuuvs me some Anna! :0) Felt like it was an answer to prayer… not that I wanted/needed her to be here at all. I just wanted her to be safe. And people are crazy these days, y’all already know. So I thanked the Lord He kept her safe and brought her home safe. Miracles. Every single day!

May God wrap you up and cuddle you thru 2010 and beyond! That’s the most precious blessing I could offer you. Salvation is DA BOMB! Let’s count our blessings everyday. I will always be counting YOU among my limitless blessings!

Peace and loads of love always,


Ima Cheetah

31 12 2009

Ima Cheetah

Yes, it’s true. I’m a cheater. At least, someone thought so in a word game I’m addicted to playing. Not many things work well with my poor old puter, but I love word games and found one at that I play a lot. It has eight tiles and you try to make words with them. There is always at least one 8 letter word. Sometimes I see it… other times I don’t.

Anyway, so I was workin’ my old fingers to the bone the other day trying to make as many words as I could and this person got off and logged back in as “AJA CHEATS!” (aja is my screen name & you can also play under any name you want without logging in.) At first, I was p****d off. How DARE they!!! But that only lasted for maybe 3 seconds. Honestly. Dumbfounded, I began to laugh uncontrollably!!! What a compliment!!!! I did so well they thought I was cheating. Awesome! :0))))))

Ya see, I’m a 51 year old woman who hasn’t worked in 3 years because of health problems… long-term mold exposure and (they say) fibromyalgia. It causes a lot of problems for me with my joints and muscles. Also my memory. That’s why y’all should get a load of laughs here! heh heh. I used to type 100+ words per minute. Now, my fingers have minds of their own and fly any which way they want. No matter what my head is thinking, directing, trying to communicate to them. Still, it’s easier than holding a pen/pencil to write. Frustrating and embarassing. But I try to do it anyway, tho I can only do so much at once. Again, some days are better than others. Amen? God is with me and I couldn’t ask for more. He has taken care of me as He always does… with love and miracles and more love and more miracles… everything I need and more!

Oh yeh! My right eye is messed up too! Lord have mercy!!!!!!!!!! It’s a whole other story, fa real, but I had to have a corneal transplant in September 2009 to save my eye. Fungal infection (mold) wouldn’t respond to meds. Doin’ fantastic, but it’s blurred. So it makes it kinda difficult to do stuff like type, word games, watch tv, read… BUT I DO IT! With God’s help, sure not my strength or prowess or talent. Darn tootin’.

So I’d like to dedicate this blog to molly (you know who you are boo) and thank you for the compliment. I don’t even know HOW to cheat. At anything. Wouldn’t do it if I did know how either, cuz baby don’t ya know ya only cheat yourself. And that’s that on that.

With lots of love, laughs & living,

the cheetah!

P.S. I may have a tip for molly… keep playing in the “hardest room”, it’ll make ya sharper, you’ll get better and then, someday, someone is gonna be convinced you cheated cuz ya soared ahead of them in the game and they’re gonna log back on as “MOLLY CHEATS!” and you’re gonna lybo!!! Peace.

Let’s get bold here…

31 12 2009
Faerie Gizzzurrrl, mine.

Christmas 2009 Ivee

It worked! And I even have a comment! Whoo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!

Now. To see if I can do a completely unique, separate one. AND we’ll just see if I can put some pics of my youngest gizzurrrl on here. Y’all wanna see Ivee???????????? Of course you do. I’m tellin’ ya, she’s a little piece of heaven God sent me. As for uploading the pics, I can’t even get my pics to upload at photobucket and another place I tried. And I’ve had that photobucket thingy for several years, too! But this wonderful place, bless them, let’s me upload my pics! They’re all phone pics and I’m thrilled to finally be able to get some of them on up in here. If I can get them into the body of my post, how cool would that be. Let’s get bold here… :0))))
Well I’ll be darned. There’s supposed to be a picture of Ivee but it doesn’t show up in the preview. I was praying hard that it would let me drag and drop it, but alas, no. Hey I can always pray that it’ll show up once I post this!!!! :0)))) Guess I’ll try it. If not, I just have more work to do. At least it let me upload them!!!! Yaaaay!

Peace y’all. I’ll figure out somethin’. Someday.

My honey-bun-sugar-plum-pumpy-wumpy-wumpkins-gizzurrrrrl!

dressed up for Christmas 2009 Decorating the Tree

Ivee -bear all dressed up to decorate GmaBear's Christmas Tree!

Ivee-bearIvee @ Christmas 2009

Hello world!

29 12 2009

Well, um, hello world. Again.

I thought I did my very first blog EVER yesterday, but it’s not here. Or I can’t find it! Some days are “good”, some “bad”. Ever had one of those days where you spend all day looking for stuff? Drives me crazy. And now… now I’ve lost the first blog I ever did. Wonder if I will lose this one too.

So YESTERDAY I emersed myself in the memories of our Christmas Season with Ivee, my granddaughter and only grandchild so far. She is a faerie-angel-gizzurrrrrl and the apple of my eye. Y’all, she was 17 months old for Christmas and she was enchanted with everything. Especially the Christmas Trees. And anything that had music or movement. That girl has the rythym in her. For real. She’s so tiny and she actually speaks Elvish/Angel-ish!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and we talk all the time. She’s teaching me how to speak like Elves and Angels… and I’ve wanted to for so very long now. :0) In fact, when I grow up I want to be Liv Tyler as Arwen in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” triumphal film. heh heh.

But I digress. Expect that a lot. It is what it is, behbeh. Ahem… the gist of it all was how can one NOT have a marvelous Christmas… first of all, when you have the Lord, the triune God to celebrate???? Secondly, when you count all your many blessings: family, old friends, new friends, food and shelter, means of transportation, precious pets, heat, a mattress with sheets and covers to keep warm… I could go on and on. You know what I’m talkin’ about here.
My family is utterly awesome. Oh we’re dysfunctional as hades. But we roflobo at ourselves. Hahahahahahaaaaa… Do those things drive y’all crazy? The acronyms or anagrams or whatever those things are called? Roflobo. Roll on the floor (hey, where’s the “t”?) laughing our butts off. And we do.

Ivee is another one of those treasures. God’s given me so many of those!!!! Children are hidden gems worth more than this world knows. We can’t count that high, ya see. When you look in the face of a child, you look into the face of God Almighty. No sin. Pure, unadulterated, undeceiving, limitless love, boundless faith… and look who He gives them to. Wow. Undeserving comes to mind. Thank you, Sweet Father, and make me the most incredible Grandma for her, for little Ivee-bear. Hand over heart, I dedicate myself to her to share the glorious truth about You with her, though I suspect she already knows!!! I love her so much!!!

May you all have a wonderful, blessed and enchanting New Year. All year long. Sorry I was late with the Christmas wishes… but I will still pray that yours was as fine as mine.

Now… let’s see if this blasted thing shows up. Or plays hide and seek!