Hello world!

29 12 2009

Well, um, hello world. Again.

I thought I did my very first blog EVER yesterday, but it’s not here. Or I can’t find it! Some days are “good”, some “bad”. Ever had one of those days where you spend all day looking for stuff? Drives me crazy. And now… now I’ve lost the first blog I ever did. Wonder if I will lose this one too.

So YESTERDAY I emersed myself in the memories of our Christmas Season with Ivee, my granddaughter and only grandchild so far. She is a faerie-angel-gizzurrrrrl and the apple of my eye. Y’all, she was 17 months old for Christmas and she was enchanted with everything. Especially the Christmas Trees. And anything that had music or movement. That girl has the rythym in her. For real. She’s so tiny and she actually speaks Elvish/Angel-ish!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and we talk all the time. She’s teaching me how to speak like Elves and Angels… and I’ve wanted to for so very long now. :0) In fact, when I grow up I want to be Liv Tyler as Arwen in Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” triumphal film. heh heh.

But I digress. Expect that a lot. It is what it is, behbeh. Ahem… the gist of it all was how can one NOT have a marvelous Christmas… first of all, when you have the Lord, the triune God to celebrate???? Secondly, when you count all your many blessings: family, old friends, new friends, food and shelter, means of transportation, precious pets, heat, a mattress with sheets and covers to keep warm… I could go on and on. You know what I’m talkin’ about here.
My family is utterly awesome. Oh we’re dysfunctional as hades. But we roflobo at ourselves. Hahahahahahaaaaa… Do those things drive y’all crazy? The acronyms or anagrams or whatever those things are called? Roflobo. Roll on the floor (hey, where’s the “t”?) laughing our butts off. And we do.

Ivee is another one of those treasures. God’s given me so many of those!!!! Children are hidden gems worth more than this world knows. We can’t count that high, ya see. When you look in the face of a child, you look into the face of God Almighty. No sin. Pure, unadulterated, undeceiving, limitless love, boundless faith… and look who He gives them to. Wow. Undeserving comes to mind. Thank you, Sweet Father, and make me the most incredible Grandma for her, for little Ivee-bear. Hand over heart, I dedicate myself to her to share the glorious truth about You with her, though I suspect she already knows!!! I love her so much!!!

May you all have a wonderful, blessed and enchanting New Year. All year long. Sorry I was late with the Christmas wishes… but I will still pray that yours was as fine as mine.

Now… let’s see if this blasted thing shows up. Or plays hide and seek!




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29 12 2009
Mr WordPress

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4 01 2010
Kathy Reno Ward

Hey Hope!

How are you? Laura Marsh directed me to your blog…didn’t understand most of it, but was good to see that you’re still alive!

I tried to keep in contact with you after the class reunion, but you seemed to fall off the face of the earth!

I am anxious to see if you reply!

Love you,


30 12 2009

It showed up!!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!! ‘Course, I cheated. I edited the WP post that was entitled “Hello World”. Hope I can figure out how to do a whole new, separate post. :0)

30 12 2009

Hey there!
Nice, you’re puttin’ your self out there for the WHOLE world to see! Keep it up!

Happy New Year!


30 12 2009

Well, geeeeeezzzzz, Gypsy Man. When ya put it THAT way. Kinda gave me heart-flutters, butterflies, cardiac arrest… Whew. Maybe I shouldn’t ‘ve done this after all. But I’m so extremely HAPPY that you came by and posted your 2 cents worth. You are most welcome, anytime! :0)))) You may not have meant to, but you always encourage me, and this is no exception. Peace and thanks again!

2 01 2010

Welcome to the blogging world, Hope! I loved reading your post. Can’t wait to see pics of Ivee and the rest of the gang.

Love ya, friend!

2 01 2010

Man, I get sooooo excited when someone comes by and comments!!! I’m really pleased you dropped by, boo… By the way, I really like your pic that appears by your name, looks as beautiful as you do. Almost! :0) I hope you stop by often, cuz you’re the reason I’m doing this!!! (thx by the way, I really enjoy it) It may take a new computer before I can do the pics. Long boring story. Someday….

Love you too!

9 07 2012

Ha! I just saw this again. Are you going to blog any more?

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