Ima Cheetah

31 12 2009

Ima Cheetah

Yes, it’s true. I’m a cheater. At least, someone thought so in a word game I’m addicted to playing. Not many things work well with my poor old puter, but I love word games and found one at that I play a lot. It has eight tiles and you try to make words with them. There is always at least one 8 letter word. Sometimes I see it… other times I don’t.

Anyway, so I was workin’ my old fingers to the bone the other day trying to make as many words as I could and this person got off and logged back in as “AJA CHEATS!” (aja is my screen name & you can also play under any name you want without logging in.) At first, I was p****d off. How DARE they!!! But that only lasted for maybe 3 seconds. Honestly. Dumbfounded, I began to laugh uncontrollably!!! What a compliment!!!! I did so well they thought I was cheating. Awesome! :0))))))

Ya see, I’m a 51 year old woman who hasn’t worked in 3 years because of health problems… long-term mold exposure and (they say) fibromyalgia. It causes a lot of problems for me with my joints and muscles. Also my memory. That’s why y’all should get a load of laughs here! heh heh. I used to type 100+ words per minute. Now, my fingers have minds of their own and fly any which way they want. No matter what my head is thinking, directing, trying to communicate to them. Still, it’s easier than holding a pen/pencil to write. Frustrating and embarassing. But I try to do it anyway, tho I can only do so much at once. Again, some days are better than others. Amen? God is with me and I couldn’t ask for more. He has taken care of me as He always does… with love and miracles and more love and more miracles… everything I need and more!

Oh yeh! My right eye is messed up too! Lord have mercy!!!!!!!!!! It’s a whole other story, fa real, but I had to have a corneal transplant in September 2009 to save my eye. Fungal infection (mold) wouldn’t respond to meds. Doin’ fantastic, but it’s blurred. So it makes it kinda difficult to do stuff like type, word games, watch tv, read… BUT I DO IT! With God’s help, sure not my strength or prowess or talent. Darn tootin’.

So I’d like to dedicate this blog to molly (you know who you are boo) and thank you for the compliment. I don’t even know HOW to cheat. At anything. Wouldn’t do it if I did know how either, cuz baby don’t ya know ya only cheat yourself. And that’s that on that.

With lots of love, laughs & living,

the cheetah!

P.S. I may have a tip for molly… keep playing in the “hardest room”, it’ll make ya sharper, you’ll get better and then, someday, someone is gonna be convinced you cheated cuz ya soared ahead of them in the game and they’re gonna log back on as “MOLLY CHEATS!” and you’re gonna lybo!!! Peace.




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