Let’s get bold here… » Pics of Ivee, finally!!!

My honey-bun-sugar-plum-pumpy-wumpy-wumpkins-gizzurrrrrl!

dressed up for Christmas 2009 Decorating the Tree


Official family night at Gma-bear’s, Gpa-bear’s and Uncle JJ’s… in a dress Gma-bear picked out. Lovely!


One response

31 12 2009

OMIGOSH! How’d that happen??? I’m lost here… just experimented with drag-n-drop in a comment (didn’t work) and a new post (didn’t work)… then clicked “view” on one of the pics i uploaded and it came to this page. That’s my Ivee-bear-angel-pie-gizzurrrrl, y’all!!! That’s her mother with her there on the right. Please, Lord, let these stay up and let me be able to find them again… I’m gonna press the button now… *sweaty palms*

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