A Blessed and Happy 2010 to YOU!

1 01 2010

Less than thirty minutes to go before we’ll be “ringin’ in the New Year here. People in the neighborhood have been scarin’ the heck out of Princess (my miniature pincer, good ol’ gal) and Eisley (my witchy green-eyed black cat, Tupac’s daughter). I love fireworks at an organized show with the fire department setting them off, but not in the ‘hood!

My daughter went out to meet a couple of friends and said she wouldn’t be late, she was pretty tired. Told her to have a good time, but to be especially safe. She hadn’t been gone 10 minutes when she called to tell me she had already had to go thru a road block. ‘Course she did fine… but even when everything is copacetic, doesn’t it just unnerve you sometimes? When I was growing up we were taught to trust in police, firemen, preachers, etc… but I learned the hard way, not all those fine people should be trusted! heh heh.

Digression. Sorry. What a way to start your New Year’s! :0))))

Truly wanted to give you a blessing……… This might post late.

(continued New Year’s Day…)

My daughter called right after I started this last night and was already on her way home to spend New Year’s Eve with me. I couldn’t believe it. She was only gone an hour and a half! Needless to say I got off the puter and poured me a glass of Blue Nun (yummy) and we hugged the New Year in together. (after we had called our family and wished them a happy you-know-what). Stayed up a bit and then hit the sack!
Nice surprise for me, cuz I luuuuuuvs me some Anna! :0) Felt like it was an answer to prayer… not that I wanted/needed her to be here at all. I just wanted her to be safe. And people are crazy these days, y’all already know. So I thanked the Lord He kept her safe and brought her home safe. Miracles. Every single day!

May God wrap you up and cuddle you thru 2010 and beyond! That’s the most precious blessing I could offer you. Salvation is DA BOMB! Let’s count our blessings everyday. I will always be counting YOU among my limitless blessings!

Peace and loads of love always,





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